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April 17, 2013
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Beliebers are officially starting to scare me.

I mean, our celebrity-obsessed society plus the Internet has definitely brought the worst (but at times hilarious, sadly) out of people. But I really REALLY think uberfans are going too far.

I suppose by definition being an uber ANYTHING makes you too extreme for comfort. But seriously, this shit that’s trending is Cray with a capital C.

Looks like it started a couple of hours ago, but I think you’ll agree that #CutForBieber (or #CuttingForBieber) officially should cause us CONCERN for some of the youth in our society.

Oh, would you like some context? It seems Justin Bieber’s notoriously hardcore fanbase has decided to take a stand on the recent discovery of The Bieb’s recreational use of pot and are rallying on Twitter posting pictures cutting themselves along their arms in an effort to get Bieber to kick the habit.

I warn you, the pictures are gruesome.

Here is one:


A more gruesome one (and therefore, bigger Belieber????) is here (I refuse to post it cause it made me gag and if blood makes you queasy, do NOT open it). 

Obviously there are some who have taken the opportunity to make a mockery out of this trend, by taking their own “stands” to rally against Justin’s choice to smoke the marijuwaaana.

Like this dude:


Or this one.

I don’t think you can blame the Internet for propagating insanity in these uberfans. We have always heard unfortunate stories about stalkers who have been blinded by their imaginary relationships with their favourite fans and have been driven to beecoming…well, creepy.

But the Internet DOES pull back the curtain for the rest of the world in realizing just how potent the pull of celebrity actually can be for some people.

Beliebers, you are officially the most hardcore uberfans in the HISTORY of fandom.

UPDATE: Monday January 7, 4:00 p.m. ET -  We dug into this a little more and the story gets even better. Really we mean worse, but “better” due to its scandal factor. It turns out this trend was sparked by none other than the notorious web community 4chan. According to DailyDot, 4chan users brainstormed the hashtag up this morning when an anonymous poster wrote on a forum thread that community members should “start a cut yourself for bieber campaign” to “see if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”

I don’t know whether to feel more sorry for the 4chan-ers or the uberfans that cut themselves…