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Jezebel, one of my fav sites online, posted a whole lot of hot air regarding socio-economic vernacular, popular colloquialism and things that idiots say.

Now that I used a plethora of $1 words to affirm my intelligence it’s time to get real.
Fuck off.
Fuck RIGHT off.
I’m sick as hell of people running their mouths identifying elements of racism when in actuality, racism isn’t at all what they are talking about at all. 
What is racism, I’m going to tell you: Someone who uses language or actions to express their belief that another person is fundamentally flawed or inferior because of their race. 
So some dumb asses saying “That’s so ‘ghetto’” isn’t racist, it’s ignorance. For an additional matter, a “ghetto” is a matter of socio-economics. An area occupied by poor folks and, sure, at one point that may have includes a higher density of people or a certain race, culture or religion. But, seriously? It’s racist against who exactly? 

Get over it.
Is it better to exaggerate pop sayings & behavior as “hipster racism”?

Some would say stereotypes are offensive too.
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